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Why notesmartly ?

With everything in one place, you'll precisely know what needs your attention.

All in one place.

Put everything that matters in one place.Your Notebook, WideBoard and ScribbPad makes it inevitable. Capture, share and keep everything safe for free.

Collaborate in context.

Plan your tasks and communicate in the same place and same time. Make sure that everyone is heard and nothing goes down the drain.

Collaborative Boards.

Use Wideboard to capture the conversation, links, pictures and documents for a project.Get together and make planning easy.

Strike a conversation.

Invite your friends or colleagues through email. Work together on a team project or just plan the event with your friends.

Get breakthrough ideas.

Notesmartly is super fast which facilitates ideation and rapid iteration.It helps you quickly create and evolve extraordinary concepts.

Offline Access

Access all your stuff offline.In fact you won't even realize whether you are online or offline.

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